About Us

Integra Cooling Sdn Bhd business is the provision of consulting and advisory services in the areas of energy management, district cooling system, thermal energy storage, and comfort cooling in general. We also provide training services in those technical areas.

Our People

We are a dynamic company, with a close-knit team of experts in their own fields. Our team has a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in what we do. Therefore, our customers should rest assured that they are in good hands.

Our Values

We believe in providing excellent services to our customers. Many years of working experience has taught us the value of excellence. Excellence provides customer satisfaction and long-lasting relationship. It builds trust. It provides two-way business benefits—to our customers and to us. Above all, excellence gives us the feeling of self-satisfaction in what we do.

We would like to be partners to our customers. Partnership brings trust and cooperation. Information and feeling flow freely. This helps tremendously in understanding our customers problems which we see as challenges to overcome.

Providing the best solutions to our customers problems mean that we have utilised all our skills and knowledge to the fullest. That in itself is a virtue that brings good to everybody.